MCS System Optimizer 2008

MCS System Optimizer 2008

System Optimizer cleans Windows and CPU to a more optimal level of performance
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MCS System Optimizer 2008 is a comprehensive software application for Windows operating systems that provides users with a set of tools to ‘clean’ their windows and processor, bringing back to a more optimal level of performance. This application monitors the user’s CPU usage discreetly in the background. By clearing out system errors in memory users will have faster systems and computers that are working at their optimum efficiency.

Use of this program will keep users PC systems running smoother and boost its speed up. MCS System Optimizer 2008 effectively reclaims fragments of memory often left behind by many shareware programs, or after uninstalling software programs. When fragments pile up over time, users’ windows will open slower than usual, even jamming. This application fixes these problems and users benefit from having no more freezes and system delays, or broken windows, and a more stable windows environment

The application has versions in three languages making it available to more people around the world. These are, English, German, and Polish. Developed with simplicity and easy use in mind, the user-friendly interface can be used to set up automatic scans for computers at a convenient time when users are not busy working at them.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Efficiently running personal computers


  • Quite large for a utilities program
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